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We Make Cold Chain Packaging Solutions Happen

Our experience, talent, and firm commitment to problem solving consistently produce impressive results for our customers. Whether you need a new approach to cold chain packaging, a packaging system to improve product or process control, or a temperature or product-specific solution to improve your cold chain compliance, look to EFP. We have provided engineered solutions for over 60 years.

A Small Business with Corporate Power

EFP has the financial backing of a large corporation. With headquarters in Elkhart, IN, EFP is a business unit of J. B. Poindexter Company, Inc., a privately held, expanding group of manufacturing companies. In addition to that corporate strength, we have earned a reputation for excellent design, strong partnerships, and a personal approach to customer service. We retain the comfortable atmosphere and flexibility that you expect from a small company.

We are a cold chain packaging company. EFP is an EPS molder and fabricator who understands cold chain
packaging and how to help our customers keep up to date in this changing regulatory environment. We work with pharmaceutical companies, including pharmaceutical wholesalers, distributors and 3PL’s. EPS coolers for food applications is an important market segment. Our reliable partners provide the components and services that complete our line.

EFP Purpose-Built Solutions

Because we are the manufacturer of our PharmaTuff ® line of insulated shippers, EFP understands pharmaceutical packaging and cold chain compliance. The EFP engineered solution approach addresses your needs, concerns and ideas, compares them against existing technology, and develops the best combination of features for your purpose. Using clearly defined targets, we test the design in real world situations, against current products.

The EFP Cold Chain Center of Excellence is a fully-staffed design center. Recent innovations emerging from the center include the Variable Payload System (VPS) - cold chain packaging for parcel distribution, and our BulkPak Returnable Bulk Shipping System - shipping bulk loads of temperature sensitive materials on ambient trailers.

EFP has manufacturing facilities in Elkhart, IN, Nashville, TN and Decatur, AL. We mold and fabricate expanded foams to customer specifications, as well as producing our PharmaTuff® line from EFP-owned tooling.
To learn more about EFP please visit or expanded foam manufacturing  website at this link.


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J.B. Pointdexter EFP Corp

Will Your “Pre-Qualified” Cold Chain Packaging Pass Performance Testing?

Specialty Pharmaceutical Distributors are being tasked with proving their cold chain packaging will stand up to real time temperature protection.

The accepted method of pre-qualification of parcels used to deliver prescriptions to patients or providers is static testing in thermal chambers. These tests expose the package to various, sometimes extreme external temperatures with the goal a surviving a minimum of 24 hours within label claim temperature ranges.

This testing is also subjective. The products are typically simulated using bottles of water. Probes are placed at the technician’s discretion.

URAC and other accreditation services are asking for “shipping lane testing” as further qualification of cold chain parcels. If you want to be ahead of the compliance curve, EFP can help you confirm the performance of your current cold chain packaging. Contact PharmaTuff to learn more.