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The new VPS-J series has just been qualified to ISTA 7D Summer for 96 hours!

by PharmaTuff • July 10, 2018
eQual Pre-Qualified Shipping SystemseQUAL pre-qualified shipping systems provides and immediate option to increase transit times without compromising your payload size. eQUAL is the only packaging system which helps you manage your pack out training and labor resources by maintaining the payload size while extending the transit time. Most cold chain shipping systems have an inverse correlation between transit time and payload size. Longer transit times require a compromise yielding a smaller payload. The eQUAL brand provides an immediate option to increase transit time simply by selection of a 72 hour shipper. Your payload within each shipper size remains constant regardless of transit time selected.



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HDA 2023

EFP Temperature Solutions is proud to sponsor the Healthcare Distribution Alliance 2023 Distribution Management Conference and Expo and showcase our products at Booth 308. This year's event will be held in Indianapolis, IN, on March 12-15. The Distribution Management Conference and Expo is HDA's largest supply chain education event, attended by more than 500 manufacturers, distributors, consultants, and third parties who keep the pharmaceutical distribution industry moving. You can learn more about the conference here: 2023 Distribution Management Conference and Expo | Healthcare Distribution Alliance | HDA

EFP will present our recent acquisition - NatureKool natural fiber cold chain insulation. NatureKool has a remarkable carbon footprint story that traces back to the agricultural beginnings of renewable fiber resources. We have qualified several shipper sizes for pharma distribution using ISTA Standard 20 practices. Visit NatureKool on the web at: HOME | NatureKool | Eco Friendly Hemp Insulation for Shipping | USA

We will also present our new CRT product - Climatemp. We have also qualified several sizes in this line for temperatures in the 20C to 25C range. To learn more about EFP please visit out website: PharmaTuff Products