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  • Rapid Development of Viral Vaccine Shipping Containers by PharmaTuff
    05/04/2020... During times of crisis, like today's COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to utilize technology, science, and industry knowledge in order to get vaccines, medications, and testing kits to hospitals and the public as quickly as possible. In this post we examine how cold chain companies can rapidly develop their shipping containers to get the materials needed to fight the pandemic safely to their destination.








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COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

EFP is currently mass producing our proprietary line of eQUAL branded pre-qualified cold chain shippers to distribute Moderna vaccines that protect against the COVID-19 virus.

CDC Moderna guidelines warp speed vaccine covid-19 corona

We currently have manufacturing facilities strategically placed across the United States that allow the company to reach front line workers responsible for administering the first wave of COVID-19 vaccines during Operation Warp Speed.

EFP’s shipping solutions provide the vaccines with the required temperature guidelines from the CDC for distribution to hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, and all other facilities administering the vaccine.