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Green Packaging by EFP CorporationRising environmental concerns lead our cold chain packaging customers to look for sustainability in their packaging systems. For instance, with the expansion of home delivery prescription programs, we see a growing consumer movement for eco-friendly ways to dispose of used packaging. As an EPS (expanded polystyrene) molder, EFP and PharmaTuff are particularly sensitive to the need for green initiatives.

Dollar for dollar, pound for pound, EPS is the most economical insulating material in use today. Its versatility creates efficiency in design, development, product assembly and distribution. Its cushioning and insulating properties protect your products from damage, temperature related degradation, and spoilage, resulting in minimizing the need for re-manufacturing, re-transportation, and disposal of damaged products.

Food Tech gourmet meal providers, please consider EFP your source for turn-key, knock-down, reusable shipping solutions for improved thermal protection with the added benefit of reducing waste!

The EPS industry is pro-active in both educating and including consumers and other industries in its efforts:

  • Eco-FriendlyEPS manufacturers set aside recycle collection sites in their facilities. (Contact us for the site list.)
  • Clean post consumer EPS is recycled back into the raw material stream.
  • Post consumer EPS is also densified for applications in construction and landscaping.
  • Our industry is developing closed-loop systems where high volume users absorb the cost of returning packaging for reconditioning and reuse.
  • The EPS Molders Association has developed a kit to help you educate your users on simple ways to recycle EPS packaging.

For more information on our industry’s environmental performance and recycling, please visit the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers.

EFP is an EPS recycling center. We also take back EPS from our customers when our trucks make their deliveries. We focus our cold chain product development projects on ways to create robust packaging systems for multiple use to reduce overall cold chain packaging system costs.

EFP Corporation Recycling

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EFP is excited to announce the production of Gel Packs for the use of cold chain shipping!

Gel packs can be used to transport pharmaceuticals and food products in both refrigerated and frozen conditions to ensure your product arrives safetly.

EFP has the ability to create customizable sizes and weights that will best fit your shipping container, but also offers standard sizes of 16 oz, 24 oz, 32 oz, and 48 oz gel packs.

Contact Us today for more information on fullfilling your gel pack and cold chain needs.