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Cold Chain Center of Excellence

The Center of Excellence Lab is the primary facility where our design and qualification takes place. Located just outside of Nashville, TN, the COE lab has everything required to get a shipper certified for transportation from you to your customer.
PharmaTuff Laboratory Committee

The Center of Excellence is the home of our Design department for cold chain products at EFP. Our Design team utilizes multi-processor super computer technology to run simulations on your prospective packout. This saves time in the qualification process by finding a starting point for designing a packout through computation rather than the trial and error approach that comes with one-off testing of different configurations. The design team also has the capability to draft unique shipping containers and inserts for your product as well as create engineering drawings of your packouts.
Computer simulations

The laboratory portion of the Center of Excellence is where our qualification equipment is located. EFP follows the ISTA certification process and uses the Standard 20 guidlines to provide tests that are industry recognized. Three thermal testing chambers are housed in our facility to provide our clients with precise results from our qualification testing. Our small and medium chambers are used for quick tests in smaller shippers and for any specific conditioning requirements that your product may require. The larger Walk-In Chamber can be utilized to qualify large amounts of shippers at once, analyze large shippers and pallet sized shippers, and even simulate the packout conditions that your product will be packed in such as in a freezer or refrigerator. More detailed information on our Walk-In Chamber can be found HERE.
Walk-in Chamber

The Center of Excellence also contains other instruments and tools to ensure your qualification process is accurate and thorough. A Drop Testing device is located in the lab that can be used for ISTA 3A testing and simulates your shipment being dropped from a height during transit.  We also have multiple refrigerators and freezers that can condition your product and frozen gel packs at the temperatures you use in your facilities. A Cryogenic Freezer is also available for extremely cold temperatures and Dry Ice testing.
Drop testing

All of our thermal testing is ran against the industry standard of the ISTA 7E and ISTA 7D profiles. Custom profiles can also be created to simulate your specific shipping lanes or a profile required by your regulatory agency. The PharmaTuff line of shippers have been qualified to the ISTA 7E, 7D, and ISTA 3A and can offer an off the shelf pre-qualified solution as well to launch your product faster. Our Business Development Managers have a vast knowledge of the different industry standards for Cold Chain Shipping and would be happy to help you become certified.

Contact Us to see what testing you may need to get your shipments qualified for cold chain transit.

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HDA 2023

EFP Temperature Solutions is proud to sponsor the Healthcare Distribution Alliance 2023 Distribution Management Conference and Expo and showcase our products at Booth 308. This year's event will be held in Indianapolis, IN, on March 12-15. The Distribution Management Conference and Expo is HDA's largest supply chain education event, attended by more than 500 manufacturers, distributors, consultants, and third parties who keep the pharmaceutical distribution industry moving. You can learn more about the conference here: 2023 Distribution Management Conference and Expo | Healthcare Distribution Alliance | HDA

EFP will present our recent acquisition - NatureKool natural fiber cold chain insulation. NatureKool has a remarkable carbon footprint story that traces back to the agricultural beginnings of renewable fiber resources. We have qualified several shipper sizes for pharma distribution using ISTA Standard 20 practices. Visit NatureKool on the web at: HOME | NatureKool | Eco Friendly Hemp Insulation for Shipping | USA

We will also present our new CRT product - Climatemp. We have also qualified several sizes in this line for temperatures in the 20C to 25C range. To learn more about EFP please visit out website: PharmaTuff Products