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PharmaTuff Team

The Cold Chain Team is comprised of laboratory personnel that design and qualify your shippers as well as Business Development Managers that ensure client's needs are met and find solutions for shipping problems. Contact any of our BDM's today to begin finding your Cold Chain solution!

Ray Pidock

Director, Cold Chain

Ray has been working in the cold chain industry for 20+ years and has been on the forefront of the development of 2-8°C, Subtemp, and CRT shipping. Through knowledge of logistics and how the pharmaceutical shipment market is changing, Ray can ensure that your shipment will arrive anywhere in the country at the right temperature.

(615) 521-4702


Bruce Truesdale

National Accounts Manager

Bruce is a cold chain logisitcs and packaging professional with 25+ years of business development and operations experience in temperature controlled supply chain management. Bruce is proficient at bringing creative consensus building ingenuity to operational challenges.

(978) 935-1205


Chad Bonacorsi

Business Development Manager (BDM)

Chad is a sales professional with extensive experience in the sales environment. Recognized for building and developing relationships that contribute to increased sales and profitability for his clients, Chad spearheads initiatives that align with business goals and ensure best practices.

(574) 606-9052


Traci DeJaegher

Business Development Manager (BDM)

Traci provides pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, as well as specialty pharmacies with Cold Chain solutions. After a successful career helping OEM’s and aftermarket providers with a safe alternative, Traci now advises the Pharmaceutical Industry on how to be ISTA compliant when shipping temperature sensitive products. Traci is available to discuss your packaging needs.

(574) 214-6474


John Lawson

Business Development Manager (BDM)

John spent the first six years of his professional career working as a Chemist in the Environmental Science industry. His knowledge of complex instrumentation and regulatory requirements will ensure you data is accurate and precise. With the help of his team at EFP's Cold Chain Center of Excellence, John will oversee the success of your cold chain project, from beginning to end.

(615) 714-1610  


Chad Pfalmer

Project Engineering Manager

Chad completes the design work for the Cold Chain Team at the Center of Excellence. Chad takes his decade of experience in Chemistry combined with skills in simulation and computer drafting to create a solution for any client's problems. As an ISTA CTP Level 2 certified Cold Chain Specialist, Chad understands the process of getting your shipments certified and can design a shipper to meet your needs.


Andrew Klasek

Laboratory Manager

Andrew helps to design custom packouts for clients specific needs, ensures the laboratory continues to meet regulatory requirements, and schedules the testing at the COE Lab. Andrew has a background in Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Science. Andrew also works directly with bringing in new methods to the lab as well as updating the simulation software to provide a faster turnaround time for finding a solution for a client.


Kara Kozlowski

Program Development Manager

Kara analyzes the designed shipping solutions for clients using the Center of Excellence's thermal testing chambers and drop tester as well as compiles the report for a client once the tests are completed. Kara has a background in Biology and Chemistry and has worked in many environmental and healthcare laboratories. Using her background in science, good laboratory practices, and the qualification of ISTA CTP certification, Kara can ensure the most accurate results from your qualification tests.


Katherine Myers

Laboratory Analyst

Katherine is a laboratory personnel that designs thermal packaging solutions, performs qualification testing, analyzes test results, and creates detailed documentation for clients.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

EFP is currently mass producing our proprietary line of eQUAL branded pre-qualified cold chain shippers to distribute Moderna vaccines that protect against the COVID-19 virus.

CDC Moderna guidelines warp speed vaccine covid-19 corona

We currently have manufacturing facilities strategically placed across the United States that allow the company to reach front line workers responsible for administering the first wave of COVID-19 vaccines during Operation Warp Speed.

EFP’s shipping solutions provide the vaccines with the required temperature guidelines from the CDC for distribution to hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, and all other facilities administering the vaccine.