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Pre-Tested 24-72 hour transit pallet shipper systems are designed to transport temperature sensitive products without the need for refrigerated trailers.



EFP’s PharmaTuff insulated pallet shippers are durable, simple and cost effective

Pallet Shipper

Bulk Pak Cold Chain Packaging Solutions are available in a rugged, returnable, industrial grade design, as well as economical single use* configurations.

The returnable unit features a molded plastic pallet, top and bottom, which nest for sturdy stacking—a perfect fit every time. The shell is robust, but flexible, with simple locking closure. One side is removed for easy loading and unloading - full access to the payload area.

The insulation is chosen to fit the application by controlling the density and material  to offer longer transit time, while maintaining the payload and external dimensions

Standard bulk pack shipperRefrigerants are selected to ensure the product temperature. 0°C gels, bricks or bottles can be used, as well as PCM’s and dry ice.

The standard BulkPak pallet shipper platform is a 48” x 40” pallet foot print. Typical payload on a 40” tall unit is 24 cubic feet. The scalable design allows easy adjustment to inside height to match your product pack height—add another layer to cube the Bulk Pack to a more economical load.

All of our solutions have been triplicate-tested by independent ISTA-certified labs.

*Single Use System has corrugate outer and wood pallet.

Typical Pharmaceutical Pallet Shipper Applications

  • Intra-Company Transfers of Temperature Sensitive Product
  • Transit of Combo Packs for Sterilization after Packaging
  • Shipping of Bulk Materials via Ambient Trailers
  • Seasonal Protection of Sensitive Products
  • Mixed Loads of Ambient and Temperature Sensitive on the Same Trucks

Typical Food Pallet Shipper Applications

  • Intra-Company Transfers of Fresh or Frozen Product
  • Transit of Mixed SKU Processed Foods
  • Shipping of Bulk Materials via Ambient Trailers
  • Seasonal Protection of Sensitive Products
  • Mixed Loads of Ambient and Temperature Sensitive on the Same Trucks
  • Small Trucks, Mixed Loads, Multiple Stops
For more information about BulkPak Insulated Pallet Shippers please contact us, or download the product sheet (printable PDF).


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J.B. Pointdexter EFP Corp

Will Your “Pre-Qualified” Cold Chain Packaging Pass Performance Testing?

Specialty Pharmaceutical Distributors are being tasked with proving their cold chain packaging will stand up to real time temperature protection.

The accepted method of pre-qualification of parcels used to deliver prescriptions to patients or providers is static testing in thermal chambers. These tests expose the package to various, sometimes extreme external temperatures with the goal a surviving a minimum of 24 hours within label claim temperature ranges.

This testing is also subjective. The products are typically simulated using bottles of water. Probes are placed at the technician’s discretion.

URAC and other accreditation services are asking for “shipping lane testing” as further qualification of cold chain parcels. If you want to be ahead of the compliance curve, EFP can help you confirm the performance of your current cold chain packaging. Contact PharmaTuff to learn more.