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    The past few years have seen a change in the way people interact with their food. Before everything was sent to a store that you had to go to and find the items you wished to purchase. Today almost anything can be delivered straight to your door within a day or two. Companies like Amazon, Blue Apron, and Uber Eats are revolutionizing the way that people recieve their meals, and EFP has committed to helping this future be realized.
Food transportation

The EPS shippers that we can provide offer unique solutions for the delivery of food products from distributor to a client's doorstep. The rigid structure of the foam ensures that the delicate food products such as vegetables and fruits do not get crushed by other parcels during transit. EPS also provides one of the best thermal insulators guarenteed to keep your food frozen or refrigerated both during transit and while it sits on a customer's door step. The PharmaTuff shippers provided by EFP and tested in a laboratory setting to ensure that under your shipping lane's conditions frozen foods will not melt and refrigerated products such as chocolate, dairy, and vegetables do not melt, go sour, or wilt ensuring your clients will recieve the vibrant foods that you sent them. EFP can also provide a solution that will keep fresh food from freezing when shipped together with frozen products and can even eliminate dry ice!

  EFP also has a selection of EPS coolers designed to meet specific food products or processes from your business to a distributor. Beef, pork, fowl or fish - the product has consistent weights and sizes. Certain shipper sizes work for ribs, others work for whole turkeys or fish filets. Some shippers are designed to cube a pallet, others are sized to flow through conveyors, heavy payloads need a little thicker wall. Fresh produce works well in larger payloads or bulk shippers. Whatever you need in a cooler for your food products, look to EFP. Click to learn more about EFP's coolers for food applications.

    The customers of today are also looking to buy from companies that are environmentally conscious. PharmaTuff shippers provide a green solution that will ease the worries of your customers. The EPS shipping container that is sent to customers can be recycled at a number of facilities across the country or even sent back through a returnable program. Any corrugate or frozen gel packs used in the shipment is also recyclable.
Please see our Green Initiatives page to learn more about how EFP is providing environmentally friendly solutions.


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Will Your “Pre-Qualified” Cold Chain Packaging Pass Performance Testing?

Specialty Pharmaceutical Distributors are being tasked with proving their cold chain packaging will stand up to real time temperature protection.

The accepted method of pre-qualification of parcels used to deliver prescriptions to patients or providers is static testing in thermal chambers. These tests expose the package to various, sometimes extreme external temperatures with the goal a surviving a minimum of 24 hours within label claim temperature ranges.

This testing is also subjective. The products are typically simulated using bottles of water. Probes are placed at the technician’s discretion.

URAC and other accreditation services are asking for “shipping lane testing” as further qualification of cold chain parcels. If you want to be ahead of the compliance curve, EFP can help you confirm the performance of your current cold chain packaging. Contact PharmaTuff to learn more.