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PharmaTuff Qualification

Qualification is a crucial step in the cold chain packaging process. Without proper testing there is no way to know if your products are arriving to their destination in the desired temperature range. Pharmaceuticals and food can melt, freeze, or become too hot during transit. This can go unnoticed if your product has returned to its desired temperature range by the end of its journey. The result can be food that has spoiled or drugs that are now inactive or sometimes dangerous due to unforeseen changes during transportation.
Temperature range

The Qualification process performed by the Center of Excellence can solve this problem before it occurs. PharmaTuff shippers are qualified to accepted ISTA temperature profiles using inert liquid payloads. Cold chain qualification is typically associated with pharmaceutical shipping systems, but this compliance standard is also used in life sciences, biological specimens, blood, fresh produce, meats, fish, poultry, adhesives and other temperature sensitive materials. Our design, quality, and manufacturing teams produce a molded EPS thermal shipper that stands up to ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) temperature testing. Most sizes have already been tested against ISTA 7D, 7E, and 3A standards for small parcel shipping and provide durable product protection without the need of an outer corrugated cover.
ISTA temperature profiles

EFP developed the PharmaTuff line of molded EPS shippers to be a pre-qualified cold chain packaging system for high volume users. The PharmaTuff kits are simple and economical, with the pedigree to satisfy your compliance needs. EFP can help you qualify PharmaTuff standard shippers for use with your product. These qualified systems will guarentee your product will stay in temperature range from distribution, through transit, and at the final destination.
Pre-qualified Cold Chain Packaging Systems

The Center of Excellence lab compled ISTA Lab Certification in 2019 in order to provide third party testing of your existing shippers and provide documentation of your ISTA Qualification along with a full lab report. Click here to have testing performed on your packaging, or Contact Us for more information.

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Rapid Development of Cold Chain Solutions

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