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Testing Capabilities

The EFP Center of Excellence Lab has the testing capabilities to ensure that your packaging performs to your standards and that solutions can be quickly found if problems are discovered either in lab or in the field. Below is a guide to all of the current testing provided by the COE Lab that follow ASTM and ISTA methods with the option of custom methods available if required. If you would like to request test please follow the link Here or Contact Us to get more information on what the COE Lab can do for you.

Thermal Chamber Testing

Thermal chamber testing is available to be performed on packaging and other samples following ISTA Standard 20 and ASTM D3103 testing methods. The test methods allow for samples to placed in the thermal chamber with different temperatures and humidities applied to the samples. The temperature of the sample is recorded throughout the test to see how the chamber temperature and humidity affect the sample. This type of testing is commonly used for cold chain packagining design qualification and operational qualification, or in combined methods such as a Drop Test that requires a set humidity or temperature during the test. The chambers can also be used for other testing such as Freeze-Thaw Cycling of materials and System R-Value determination.

Insulation Testing

Insulation testing is available to be performed on materials to calculate R-Values, RSI, U-Values, and Thermal Conductivity. Testing is performed on either large, flat samples (dimensions greater than 6" x 6" x 0.5") using a Heat Flow Meter and the testing method ASTM C518 or testing can be performed on non-standard materials such as sand or two smaller samples using a Hot Disc Analyzer and the testing method ASTM D7984. Non-standard testing methods can be performed as well to test scenarios such as R-Value change due to moisture content or R-Value change due to compression of the material.

Compression Testing

Compression testing can be performed on both the common corrugate samples (ECT, RCT, etc.) using the industry standard corrugated methods as well compression on whole packaging units in order to see how man can be stacked on top of each other or the failure point of an item utilizing ASTM D642. The COE compression system can apply a force up to 2,000 lbs. on an object with a length and width up to 13" x 13".

Drop Testing

Drop testing is available following the ISTA Series 3 small parcel test sequence, but can be performed at custom heights to analyze with your specific needs in mind. Accelerometers are also available to be used inside the sample and analyze what forces are being experienced inside the sample. Samples are typically packaging related, but other items from computer chips to cell phones can be dropped to test their durability.
Infrared Imaging

Infrared Imaging is available utilizing an Infrared Camera with temperature point capabilities. The infrared camera has the capability to show temperature varitations within a sample. The images or video can show where thermal weak spots exist within a package or where hot spots may be in electronics. Above are examples of dry ice in an EPS container with both the lid open and closed to expose weak spots in the shipper. Below are pictures of dry ice in a paper shipper showing the weak spots along the edges and the heating coils of a refrigerator being seen through the side panel of the refrigerator.


Pack Expo Vegas - Temp

We are excited to announce that EFP’s Temperature Solutions Group will be exhibiting at Pack Expo this year along with our Custom Packaging & Components side of the business! The show will be held on September 11th – September 13th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Visit our Cold Chain booth #6729 in the Healthcare Packaging Pavilion as we showcase our new sustainable and economical initiatives to the cold chain packaging industry. At Pack Expo, you will experience exhibitors launching products, showcasing latest innovations, and problem-solving with customers from all around.

This year’s conference should be a great time and we can’t wait to connect! You can learn more about the conference here: Pack Expo Las Vegas.