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Today's pharmaceuticals are more available than they have ever been before. Shipping to a doctor's office or directly to a customer has now become the norm in our next day direct shipping society. EFP understands the pain points that this can create for drug manufacturers and distributors and has developed a range of different products to meet your specific needs. We have helped other clients stop losing money on shipments that experience temperature deviations during transit and would like to help you with getting safe, stable medicine to your customers.

Health Care

Pharmaceuticals can come in all shapes and sizes. The Center of Excellence lab has had experience designing for small amounts of liquid such as 3 mL vials, nasal sprays, and flu shots as well as larger shipments including IV bags and liter quantities of solution. A shipping solution may already be available for your pharma shipping needs through our off the shelf packouts or our Variable Payload System (VPS) that is qualified to hold a multitude of product sizes for a 72+ hour transit giving you the flexibility to ship just one product or as many as will fit in the VPS container without the fear of a temperature excursion. If our current solutions cannot immediately meet your needs, please contact us and we can begin designing and qualifying a unique solution that will.
Transporting Pharmaceuticals   PharmaTuff Variable Payload System

The Center of Excellence lab understands that not every pharmaceutical shipment needs to be kept at a refrigerated temperature. The lab has developed multiple lines of shippers to cover not only 2-8C shipments but also Controlled Room Temperature (CRT) at 15-25C, Frozen (less than 0C), Dry Ice Replacement (less than -20C), and pure Dry Ice frozen (less than -60C). These solutions all contain options for shipping times of next day (24 hours), two day (48 hours), and three day (72 hours) shipments for deliveries over a weekend or holiday.

PharmaTuff multiple line shippers

The Business Development Managers at EFP have experience working with all types of shipping methods including directly from a client and utilizing third party logistics and can coordinate the delivery of our solutions to where you need them. From product launches to finding a more reliable and economical solution of your current shippers, EFP is here to help.

Contact us today and we can begin getting your product on its way to your clients.

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Seasonal Shipping Change

April's blog gives some guidance on when to switch your cold chain shipments from the Winter configuration to Summer.

There is also discussion on assessing risk from switching by utilizing seasonal weather patterns and thermal simulation software! You can find the blog in our Blog Section, by clicking the picture above, or by following this link.