Protecting What Matters

Returnable Gel Packs

EFP is proud to offer a returnable gel pack solution that provides faster freezing, easier handling, and zero waste during the pack out process. Gel packs are packaged in a collapsable tray that will be palletized and sent to either the packaging facility or a cold storage facility for conditioning. The trays allow for a faster freezing time during conditioning than the normal corrugated box would provide.

Once conditioned the gels can be removed from the pallet a tray at a time using the convenient side handles and taken directly to the packing station. After the tray has been emptied of the gels, the tray can be quickly collapsed using the side handles, stacked onto an empty pallet, and sent back to EFP for reuse.
This system provides for a greener solution for gel packs than the industry standard corrugated box through the reusability of the trays as well as the energy savings of a faster conditioning time of the gel packs. Contact Us today to learn more about our returnable tray systems and how they can increase your cost savings during the cold chain pack out process!


Seasonal Shipping Change

April's blog gives some guidance on when to switch your cold chain shipments from the Winter configuration to Summer.

There is also discussion on assessing risk from switching by utilizing seasonal weather patterns and thermal simulation software! You can find the blog in our Blog Section, by clicking the picture above, or by following this link.